The future of technology in the Council.

The rate of change in ICT&D technology is rapid and growth in the uptake of technologies such as mobile devices, social media, high-speed broadband and open data present huge opportunities for the Council. In order to keep up with advances in technology and meet the increasing expectation of customers of our services it is imperative that the Council has a clear and progressive approach to continuously improving ICT&D services at pace.

This website outlines the approach that the City of Edinburgh Council will take to the deployment and development of ICT&D technologies in the delivery of its services in order to deliver outcomes that matter to its customers.

Engaging our customers

This strategy has been developed by engaging our customers and allowing their feedback to set our direction of travel.

Rather than focus on technology, we have focused our strategy on delivering positive outcomes for customers. Hear what some of them had to say.

The new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital strategy has been developed as a guide for how the City of Edinburgh Council designs its ICT and Digital (ICT&D) services and structures to deliver positive outcomes for it’s customers.

The principles within this strategy provide a framework for how ICT services will be designed, sourced and delivered and how Digital can support ways of working and ways of doing things where the customer experiences real benefits.

This website outlines our vision, key principles and overall direction of travel for ICT and Digital services.

"…focus on understanding our customers’ needs in order to deliver outcomes that matter to them."

“…the use of ICT and Digital by the Council must add value to the customer; whether a citizen, business, a partner organisation or other service within the Council.”