Delivering digital services

Whilst we have been making the Council’s website one that can be accessed from a variety of different devices, we have also been developing the capability for Council services to be provided digitally online or through the Council’s Contact centre.

This has involved looking at how best to connect citizens and businesses with the back office systems that power the delivery of services. We want citizens and businesses to be able to access services in a consistent manner when and where they want, regardless of the device used. We also want to better support citizens and businesses in their interaction with the Council and its services.

This capability has been delivered through a programme creating the infrastructure and connections necessary to offer end-to-end digital transactions to the customer.

This is, however, not a one off development. As well as creating the necessary infrastructure, the Council has sought to create a development method to grow the number of such services, their capabilities and the data available online.

digital services

We’ve made some services available already, which can be accessed once you have registered for a mygovscot account:

These include requesting recycling boxes, bins or bags online, reporting missed bin collections to reporting a street light problem.

These are early adoption steps, but as we embed this new way of delivering service the Council will be looking to offer more access to services this way.

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