The Internet as a Human Right

It is that time of year again in Scotland’s Capital where the world descends and we all get cultural for a month: Edinburgh’s International Festival and Festival Fringe.  There appears to be something for everyone at the Festival and this extends to those of us with an ICT & Digital interest.

Last year we had the wonderful Turing International Technology Festival  and this year we have the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (#codi2014), run by the Beltane Public Engagement Network, which works to make academic research accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

On Monday Prof Mike Foreman led a discussion on the Internet as a Human Right, building on research he had led on behalf of the Royal Society of Edinburgh into digital participation: Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation.

It is such a complex area and the discussion reflected this.  Some of the guys from SCVO were there and were kind enough to write up a summary of the discussion.

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