Welcome to the City of Edinburgh Council ICT and Digital Strategy Blog

Whilst this website has as its purpose to allow for an open understanding of the Council’s ICT and Digital Strategy, this blog is intended as a way of sharing our thoughts, and hopefully stimulating more discussion and interest, on the changing nature of ICT and how this will/is affecting the way that local government/public services are delivered and experienced.

We are working on a vision of how public services should be delivered now and in the future for Edinburgh informed by the thoughts and views of our many customer: a vision involving all manner of fancy notions such as service orientation, customer journeys, cloud computing, open data and standards and wearable computers.

We intend to use this blog as a way of communicating what we are up to, in the hope that it may be of use to others in a similar position, or those with an interest in how ICT can transform, positively, public services.

This may seem like an unpromising start to a blog about ICT Strategy and Local Government, possibly not the most fascinating subjects individually, but given the all pervasive nature that ICT and Digital has in all our lives now, whether by choice, or not, we have come to realise it is an area that needs to be talked about.

We hope you find what we write at least diverting, perhaps interesting, and perhaps at times illuminating.

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