Developing our strategy

In seeking to define how best to develop a new approach to ICT and Digital services, it was identified that the focus should not be on technology, but on customer and business drivers.

This document has been developed by engaging our customers and allowing their feedback to set our direction of travel. This is the start of our journey and regular pro-active engagement with our customers will continue to be inherent in everything we do to ensure our priorities are driven by their needs. On top of this we will work with customers to co-design our services, ensuring that the user experience is tuned to their needs.

In addition to customers needs, our ICT&D services will be business driven and our approach has been developed to align, support and enable the realisation of the objectives of the Scottish Government and those specific to the Council; such as, our Capital Coalition Commitments, the Council’s Strategic Objectives and the Green Digital Charter.

This new approach seeks to place ICT and Digital services in line with the broader aspirations of the Council. It will ensure ICT and Digital services become an enabler and act as a launch pad for transformation across the Council, by improving outcomes for customers and adding value to their contact with the Council.