The Council requires to have easy access to ICT and Digital resources, with the appropriate capability and experience, which are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our organisations and its customers.

Our sourcing strategy enables the Council to have access to external expertise to ensure our services continually, and sustainably, develop and keep up with a rapidly changing technical environment.

In addition, to the external skills that are required there has been the need to understand the current capabilities within the Council’s own ICT Solutions team and to understand what skills, knowledge and experience we need, where and when.

The objective is to have the correct skills that the Council can access to ensure ICT Solutions meets the needs of its customers. A number of key capabilities have been identified.

Internal capabilities

Reliable project delivery

The ICT Programme Office will take a proactive role in management and overseeing progress for ICT and Digital projects. It will provide a clear understanding of issues and address areas of poor delivery. This structured approach to reporting and management of portfolios will be a key enabler for consistent high delivery of ICT programmes and projects.

Supply management

It is important that relationships with suppliers are managed to ensure these are efficient and effective. To support our sourcing strategy, the Commercial Team in ICT Solutions will be responsible for supplier management.

Alignment and coordination

A key element of the ICT and Digital strategy is to ensure alignment with the ICT industry and peers including, local authorities and public sector organisations, in order to share best practice and help solve common problems.

Change Management

Our preferred approach to manage business change in ICT is through agile project management and delivery techniques. In addition, Prosci, the Council’s adopted change management methodology will be adopted.

Business Analysis and Engagement

The relationship management function will provide the engagement with stakeholders to help understand their needs and requirements.

ICT Architecture

The ICT Architecture will be managed by the Design Authority.

Digital Development

Developing our ability to deliver digital content at pace.

Enabling capabilities


Many developments in ICT and Digital are disruptive in nature. For the Council to match stakeholder expectations and realise benefits for them it is recognised that it needs to dedicate time and resource to innovation.

Customer Focus

The Council will adopt a customer-focus approach: helping services to focus on their customer. That means thinking about them when decisions are made, policies are implemented, and services are delivered.

Demand Stimulation

Understanding the demand for connectivity can play a major part in breaking down the barriers to providing access. The Council will work to support demand stimulation activities.

Assisted Digital

Assisted Digital is the help the Council can give to ensure that those who wish to access digital services are not unintentionally excluded from doing so. Provision will vary dependent on the service.


In deploying new ICT and Digital solutions it is recognised that training plays a critical part in the success of the deployment. It is also important that trends in ICT and Digital are understood. A broader training and information programme will be developed to support ICT and Digital Services.