Quality and standards

The City of Edinburgh Council is focused on the outcomes delivered by ICT and Digital Services and therefore, has focused on only proscribing what is required to ensure high quality, scalable and flexible ICT and Digital services.

Vendor supported APIs

Ensure that, where required, the business solutions will make there processes available via fully supported, presentation layer independent, APIs, built to the Representational state transfer (REST) standard.

Security Rules

Adopting best practice approaches for security management to protect users, customers, partner organisations and the Council, drawing on Government best practice from the Government Digital Service and other associated bodies.

Information Management

Adopting best practice approaches for information management and working towards information security (ISO 27001 and ISO 27002) and records management standards (ISO 14589).

Identity Access Management

SAML 0.2 will be the standard used for authentication.

Website Management

Our preferred approach to websites will be responsive in order ensure that content can be displayed the customers’ choice of device.


Our preferred approach to manage business change in ICT is through agile project management and delivery techniques.

Cloud computing

To support a more cohesive infrastructure as well as the sharing and re-use of services/solutions, we will explore cloud computing with the aim of increasing our agility and reducing the cost of ICT.

End user device

The Council’s aim is that as much as possible, the workforce will be able to work from any location on any suitable Council or non-Council end-user device through a defined Mobile Device Management strategy.

Green ICT

ICT will be used to maximise efficiency, minimise environmental impact and support the wider Council carbon reduction policies, as well as supporting the Green Digital Charter.

Information strategy

To recognise the value of information that it holds, the Council will optimise secure, efficient, open and safe creation and use and re-use of information assets.

Channel Shift

The Council is committed to providing easy-to-use, trusted and flexible information and transactional services that support our ‘digital by desire’ approach. For those for whom digital channels are less accessible we will ensure access is maintained through a network of ‘assisted digital’ service provision.

Social media

Social media enables greater dialogue and collaboration between the Council and its stakeholders. It also provides benefits in terms of its reach, accessibility, immediacy and ease with which content can be disseminated.