Sourcing strategy

The City of Edinburgh Council’s approach to sourcing ICT products and services is an important aspect of how it will deliver its ICT Vision and ensure Value for Money is achieved.

Current ICT market trends (e.g. Cloud computing) mean that it is not practical to think that a single supplier approach will deliver the best results for the City of Edinburgh Council. Making use of the market will allow the Council to take advantage of ‘best of breed’ services and harness external capabilities and innovation.

As a result, the Council will have a stronger commissioning and integration role as more activities are bought in, on demand, to support the Council’s ambition going forward.

An outline of the sourcing strategy is provided which demonstrates how the combination of single supplier and multi vendor solutions will be utilised through strategic partnerships, shared services and specialist suppliers, to deliver best value for the Council.

Sourcing Strategy

There are a number of guiding principles for the sourcing strategy.

The City of Edinburgh Council will be a consumer not producer

The City of Edinburgh Council will actively look to share ICT services with other Scottish public sector organisations, but does not have the desire to become an ICT service provider.

Supporting Scottish Small to Medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Scottish SMEs should be encouraged to participate in the provision of Council ICT services, as entering into relationships with SMEs who are innovative will add significantly to the ICT services delivered.

Building flexible partnerships

The City of Edinburgh Council will strive for contractual flexibility set against a backdrop of long term partnership working. Building mutually beneficial partnerships with other public or private organisations also provides ‘on demand’ access to the capability, capacity, experience and innovation that will enable us to expand and contract to meet changing service needs.

Focus on outcomes

Wherever practicable, services should be bought as end-to-end services measured against the effectiveness of delivering business outcomes.

Strategic Alignment

All ICT solutions must meet the criteria of the ICT Strategy, and in particular this sourcing strategy, and will require CMT sign-off if there is a reason why those criteria cannot be met.

Governance: Design Authority and Procurement

The City of Edinburgh Council will operate a clear governance arrangement for the procurement of ICT and Digital services, referenced through the Design Authority and its Procurement service, to ensure that the principles of ICT and Digital Development are adhered to.

Open Data

All data will be able to meet the 5 star rating for Open Data